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Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery

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Dubai, UAE


Art Consultancy, Design & Decoration

Creating a strategy: How Mashreq Business Banking provided tailored products & services for a stable future.

Neel Shukla

Creative & Managing Director


COVID-19 has presented economic challenges to many companies across the region. Financial setbacks and cashflow issues were prevalent. Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery, a long-standing SME established in 1970, was exposed to risk and instability just like many other businesses during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the company was not eligible for economic stimulus packages which were being offered on a national level. The challenge was to develop a long-term strategy which leveraged Mashreq Business Banking products and services to stabilise the company’s financial future.

We received genuine assistance and advice that was constructive and readily available.

We look forward to many years of stability because expert advice leveraged products and services.

It’s good to know that we can stabilise our financial future with tailored offerings.


Mashreq’s Business Banking products and services were tailored to meet the challenges facing Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery during unprecedented times. This strategic approach provided financial stability not only during the uncertainty of COVID-19 times, but also for the long-term future. The customer valued the professionalism of the Relationship Manager and his team who were at hand to offer expert advice and support. The team offered a strategic plan and a selection of possibilities that were tailored to meet the specific needs of SMEs just like them. As a result, Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery can now look forward to a secure and stable future which will continue its already half-century legacy in the UAE. This was made possible by customised products and services and a proactive Relationship Manager who really understood and valued the needs of SMEs.

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