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Building a Business Banking Relationship: How Mashreq changed my perceptions for the better.

Feras Nabhan



The customer had a poor perception of banks in general during COVID-19. He felt that many banks were slow and used the disruption of the pandemic as an excuse for inefficiency. This gave him a significant lack of trust on the banking sector and impaired his potential to enjoy a productive business banking relationship with Mashreq Bank.

The response time of my relationship manager was exceptional each and every time.

My perceptions changed because my business banking was continuously smooth and seamless.

I really trust my relationship manager and I look forward to transferring more business to Mashreq.

Mashreq stands out as a bank that I can really do business with in the long-term.


The customer’s Relationship Manager understood the importance of nurturing positive perceptions. The Relationship Manager realised that providing a timely and efficient service would bring trust and tangible results. It was key to change perceptions and build a positive business banking relationship. The customer noted that the Relationship Manager was exceptional in his response times and offered consistent reliable support to his business. The customer’s perceptions made a considerable shift because of a positive experience. As a result, the customer now enjoys a loyal and productive relationship with Mashreq as his business bank of choice and looks forward to transferring more business to the bank in the future.

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