Automate your accounts receivable and get paid faster

Streamline the invoice-to-payment process to manage collections more efficiently, maximize team productivity and improve cash flow

YallaCollect is an action driven collections ecosystem tailored for businesses to achieve collections efficiency

Fully customized and digitized customer follow ups with personalized messages and action driven task lists for team members
Market place
Valuable products and services fully integrated with YallaCollect to support and supercharge the Accounts Receivable operation
Live monitoring of Accounts Receivable and team performance to enhance visibility and accountability of business performance

One stop platform to find everything you need to help manage your Accounts Receivable more efficiently

YallaCollect’s ecosystem focuses in two areas:
  • Operational Solution
  • Marketplace


Select the subscription that better fits your business


AED 276/ month (Ideal for small/ starting business)

Starting with 1 user

Max. 100 Invoices/month


AED 680/ month (Small to medium size business)

Starting with 3 user

Max. 500 Invoices/month


AED 816/ month (Large size business)

Starting with 5 user

Max. 1000 Invoices/month

Get 2 months for FREE!

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