Exports & Imports

Our exports & imports solutions promote smoother transactions that are faster and more cost effective for your business.

Main Features

Wide network of correspondent banking partners.
Efficient documentary collection services.
Diligent payment follow-ups for faster recovery of receivables.
Dedicated specialist support.
Competitive pricing.

Our Offerings

Import Bill Collection (DA/DP/Avalisation)
Facilitates the processing of documents and payments to suppliers on your behalf and ensures fast and efficient delivery of goods.
Letter of Credit Discounting
This provides short-term financing of up to 100% of the value of the credit letter.
Letter of Credit Confirmation
This confirms the availability of payment when the complied documents are presented to us.  

Revolving Letter of Credit
This can revolve in value or time to cover multiple shipments over a longer period.
Letter of Credit Issuance
This assures payment to your supplier after compliance to the terms & conditions.

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