Mashreq Poynt Smart Terminal

The Poynt Smart Terminal to ordinary card terminals is like the iPhone to conventional phones. The Poynt Smart Terminal delivers a superior experience whilst conforming to the highest PCI and EMV security requirements.

The interactive customer facing touchscreen ensures the customer inserts the card themselves without givingit  to the cashier.
All historical transactions are stored on the cloud so cashiers can search and print charge-slips as and when required instead of physically printing and storing them for record-keeping.
The Poynt device is compatible with almost any mode of payment – Magstripe, EMV, NFC (such as Apple & Samsung Pay), QR Code (e.g. AliPay) and even Bluetooth.
Manage all your store related operations via a single interface; Integrate with your Loyalty Systems, Cash Registers and Enterprise solutions.
The mini ERP solution for SME retailers provides a cloud-based register app as well as accounting, analytics, reporting & reconciliation, VAT reporting, inventory management & payroll processing functions.

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