Since the launch of our bank in 1967, Mashreq has grown in ways we could’ve never imagined. Over 55 years, we consciously evolved our DNA to let our clients know that we are with them on their journey. We’ve had the privilege of supporting countless corporates to achieve their goals, and it brings us great joy to see how far some of our clients have come on their paths to success.

As industries and corporations continue to change with the expectations of their customers, we realised that we need to be more than a bank of choice, we need to become a gateway for our clients to achieve their vision of success. We understand that building and growing a successful business is hard work, and that corporate leaders require the very best support. We constantly search for solutions to any challenges that our clients face, to help them make informed decisions for the future. The next 50 years look promising and we are ready to support our clients in any way we can to Rise Every Day.

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