Mashreq has established itself as a leading global player in the international trading hubs. With over five decades of experience and a unique pedigree in the trading space, Mashreq is continuously expanding into the most prominent international financial markets.

Mashreq has proved to be an agile, digital, and connected bank, positioning itself as the partner of choice. As a pioneer of this new model, Mashreq is at the forefront of digital transformation.

Our relationship ambassadors have an unmatched understanding of market specific dynamics and business requirements, enabling the delivery of innovative and bespoke solutions to our clients.

Preferred partner

Mashreq is a preferred partner of choice, pairing with clients through highly competitive markets as their businesses grow and support diversification

Sector Specialisation

Retail Trade
Fashion, F&B, Supermarkets, FMCG

Soft Commodities and regional trade

Dealers, Agencies and Distributers
Diversified Groups

Conglomerates and family offices

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