Financial Institutions (FI)

Our FI team provides unrivalled support to financial institutions with their banking requirements. We hold solid relationships with top tier banks across the globe in general and in many fast-growing markets in particular.

Mashreq has a global network of FI relationships and provides its clients with transactional banking and financing solutions across the globe.

As a leading bank in the UAE, we have a strong footprint in MENA, Asia, Europe and the United States covering key trade corridors. We possess a unique understanding of international trade flows and are able to provide expertise in trade finance and international cross-border payments, a record spanning over five decades. Through our branch in New York, Mashreq is the only US dollar clearing bank domiciled in the Middle East supporting our vast network of clients around the globe with the Global Transaction Banking services. Moreover, through our Head Office and our 24 branches across the MENA, Asia, Europe, and the United States, our Treasury and Capital Markets team supports our FI clients with both structured and plain vanilla solutions across Debt Capital Markets, Rates, Foreign Exchange and the different asset classes.

We cater for:

A diversified business mix of trade services
Arranging debt capital market transactions
Underwriting and financing
Export bill collections
Risk participations

Correspondent Relations

Mashreq values its relationship with over 450 Correspondents from 46 countries maintaining over 900 Vostro accounts with us. We owe our continued growth in the field of Correspondent Banking to them and also to our Nostro Account relationships in over 30 currencies that provide Correspondent banking services on our behalf where we do not have a presence. Having a large number of Vostro accounts in our books also helps us in making quick and efficient settlements via book transfers.

Nostro Accounts

Correspondent Customer Care Centres

Our Correspondent Customer Care Centres work in close co-ordination our Dubai office providing excellence in Correspondent Banking Services. Our global presence spans 10 countries outside of the UAE with 11 branches/offices at major business centers around the world. At Mashreq we can provide you with Correspondent Banking Services, where we do not have a presence by redirecting your business through our Dubai office.

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