Platinum Debit Card

Debit Card offers higher daily purchase limits of up to EGP 300,000 with Free cash withdrawals at any ATM across the country. This means withdrawing funds is easy and convenient.


Exclusive discounts with participating Merchant partners
Debit cards purchases will be included in Mashreq Rewards Program. Customers get rewarded on each transaction
Unlimited access to MasterCard VIP lounges

Contactless Chip & PIN Cards

Fast, secure and convenient payments. In a split of a second and once the card is tapped on the point of sale at the merchant outlets, transactions with an amount less than EGP 600 will be completed. No need to enter your PIN code

E-commerce shopping with 3D Secure:

Enhanced safety features for maximum security while shopping online

Mashreq Wearable

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you can now use your Mashreq trendy wearable to make payments.

Chic, fast, convenient, secure and accessible payment tool as you do not need to take out your wallet.
Innovative, lightweight and waterproof design.
You can track your wristband balance and transactions movements anytime and anywhere through Mobile banking or Internet banking.
You can perform all transactions up to EGP 600 without entering a pin code using Mashreq wearable.

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