Whole Of Life Insurance

& protect the future

Add-on benefits

for greater cover

Investment opportunities

in global markets

Limited payments

for lifetime protection
Whole of Life Insurance runs through your lifetime. It allows benefit changes as circumstances in your life change and accumulates cash value.
The choice of add-on benefits
Enhance your protection with a wide range of additional benefits available, including critical illness, family income benefit and waiver of premium along with flexibility to change your level of protection.
Ensuring peace of mind need not be lengthy and expensive. Enjoy limited payments to receive lifetime protections.
Limited payments for lifetime protection
Select from a compre choice of 250 global Funds.
Investment opportunities in global markets

A solution that covers life’s stages offering reassuring financial protection.

Flexible payment
Choose from flexible levels of cover and payment that are tailored to meet your requirements.
Joint Life Cover
Enjoy the cost effective option of being able to include your spouse in the same policy.
Cover yourself for the whole of your life and protect yourself so that you can also protect your loved ones.
Lifetime Cover
Protection for your family when it’s needed
This solution runs through your lifetime allowing benefit changes as circumstances change. It offers financial protection for your family by accumulating cash value for emergencies.

Disclaimer: Conditions Apply. The Insurance policy(s) are offered by renowned International and regional Insurance companies, All product features, benefits, returns are offered by the Insurance company and not by Mashreqbank psc. Mashreqbank psc shall not be responsible for Insurance providers actions or decisions nor shall Mashreqbank psc be liable regarding payment of claims or services under the policy/insurance contract.

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Life time insurance or whole of life cover, as you’d expect is an insurance plan that lasts for a whole lifetime and is not limited by a specific term. If you pass away, this policy will provide a lump sum payment to your family that can be used for inheritance planning. Paving the way for the next generation is part and parcel of our progress through life. As we get older, we wish for the success and prosperity of our children and grandchildren. It is important to plan for the future and ensure your family is taken care of.

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  • You need to protect yourself or your family for life
  • You would like to leave a financial legacy
  • It means your loved ones are financially protected when you die
  • You may want to choose some additional benefit options to fit your protection needs
  • You can choose optional benefits for additional peace of mind
  • You would like the flexibility to change your policy in the future
  • You like a protection policy that builds up a cash value overtime

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Kindly refer to the product key fact document to check on the details for the charges associated with the plan or the provider’s website

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If the premiums are stopped in between and if the accumulated account value is positive and greater than one annualized premium the cover will sustain till such period. Kindly refer the key fact document for further details.

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Yes, after you have paid your premium for a certain period you can opt for a premium holiday feature with a written request to the insurance company. You can resume your premium payment after this break. T&Cs apply

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Your policy benefits continue depending on the account value and it is recommended to do your portfolio review on a regular basis.

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After the initial contribution period if your fund value is lower than your annual contribution your policy will be terminated and the fund value will be paid to you or your insurance company will reach out to pay additional premium to sustain the cover.

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Your early encashment or surrender value will be based on the performance of your funds as opted by you. Refer to your policy document and the illustration section

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No, the rates are assumptive and the actual performance could vary depending on the fund choices selected by you. Please refer to the policy document for details.

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Yes, a certain percentage can be withdrawn of your account value. Please refer to the policy document for further details.

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