Mashreq Hospitality Integration Solutions

Discover a comprehensive integrated EMV and multi-currency payment platform which will offer your customer the best experience possible, while leaving complex reconciliations to Mashreq.

Automatic reconciliation with the front desk and F&B, holistic reconciliation & reporting, acceptance of multiple currencies (DCC), management of pre-auths, top-ups and much more.
Integrated with front desk, billing application which leads to lesser manual errors.
Integrated with F&B, Spa, and other facilities.
Holistic reconciliation and reporting.
PCI-DSS & EMV compliant solution.
Integrated with multi-currency and EPP advantage.
Enhanced customer experience & faster transaction time compared to conventional POS.
Enables Finance teams to access real-time card acceptance data.
Provides back-up connection via VPN for DR.
Centralised Parameter configuration and monitoring, leading to better operational control and reduced administrative effort.

How does it work?

Simply reach out to our relationship team regarding your payment system requirements.
Our technology team will align with your technology team to understand your customised requirements.
A mutually agreed systems integration plan will then be shared and implemented.

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