Loan Syndications

Term Financing for a Corporate

Mashreq has partnered with significant number of corporates, both large and mid-market, including debut borrowers, in arranging syndicated loans for the purpose of capital expenditure (capex), refinancing, or general corporate purposes, for tenors in line with the market practice.

Financial Institutions

Mashreq is an active arranger of syndicated loan for FIs in Africa, MENA as well as South Asia. Its loan distribution reach extends across syndicated markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Leveraged Buyouts

Mashreq facilitates sponsors and companies in their endeavour to acquire new businesses. Our ability to structure non-recourse facilities, underwrite and subsequently syndicate to a wider group of banks, in a seamless manner, is well acknowledged by acquisitive counter-parties.

Structured Trade Solutions

The platform explores efficient financing solutions around working capital cycle of key clients and has the ability and track-record to devise innovative structures that can ultimately be syndicated across market participants.

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