Welcome to the next generation of online corporate banking. We are transitioning from Mashreq Matrix - our legacy platform, to a brand new online corporate banking platform called Mashreq NEO CORPORATE. This new online platform will offer best-in-class user experience with a dynamic dashboard and widgets-based actionable information with one-click access to your transactional banking requirements, based on user-centric workflow.

We believe in the power of digital innovation to constantly elevate your corporate banking experience. We are pleased to introduce NEO CORPORATE, our new online banking platform designed specifically for your business needs. Here is a short overview

Why we’re transitioning

With building regulatory momentum towards digital cash and trade transactions, you need a platform that will support the incoming waves of innovation.

We have a long history at the forefront of such innovation. Our mission is to ensure you have the best tools to thrive in an evolving world.

Developed using the latest technology, the NEO CORPORATE platform provides the optimum springboard for your future growth.

With this change, we can continue to grow together preparing for an exciting digital future.

Understanding NEO CORPORATE

NEO CORPORATE is an enhanced version of the current Mashreq Matrix platform.

It comes with a better design and is easier to navigate. The resulting enhanced user experience will unlock new efficiencies.

As with Mashreq Matrix, you can access all the cash management and trade finance solutions you need, from a single platform designed for a digital future.

Plus, with API connectivity, the new platform will make your everyday transactions faster and smoother.

The migration process

We are taking a measured approach to migration with clients being transitioned to NEO CORPORATE in phases.

There is no need to do anything; we will reach out to discuss the timeline of your individual migration.

Mashreq Matrix will continue to serve as your cash management and trade finance platform until your migration is complete.

The move to NEO CORPORATE is a foundational step in our long-term plans to bring you new technologies that will drive your future growth.


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