Investment Banking

The one-stop shop for capital raising and advisory services

Investment Banking (IB) engages at the strategic level with key clients across industry verticals and geographies. As a leading international bank, with presence in diverse markets, Mashreq has an award winning IB platform in the group, with an established track record in leading debt capital raising mandates, and equity & debt advisory solutions.

Mashreq responds to the market movements and requirements, with ingenuity to achieve clients' needs for capital, to develop and implement tailored and strategic solutions to meet their specific debt financing. Applying deep expertise across industries, regions and products, Mashreq creates customized, sophisticated strategies to help clients achieve their goals. Our integrated coverage model offers clients seamless access to the industry and geography specific expertise across all product solutions. Mashreq’s ability to have a deeper understanding of a client’s capital structure help to craft an efficient and differentiated, yet customized, financing solutions with a market perspective.

Key offerings from Investment Banking are

Loan Syndications

Term Financing for Corporate clients

Structured Trade Solutions

Leveraged Buyouts

Debt Capital Markets

Investment grade and high yield

Private placements

Customized financing solutions

Debt & Capital Structure Advisory

Align capital structure with client’s cash flows

Evaluate suitability of existing borrowing framework

Recommend appropriate mix of bank and capital market debt

Oversee execution of debt re-profiling

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory:

Access to broader investor community in the region

Support our clients' investment and divestment objectives

Capitalize on our industry-specific coverage model to present the most favorable buy and sell opportunities

Offering primary and secondary listing services

Customer care

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