Message from Mashreq USA Country Head

Mashreq commenced its operations in New York as an edge act corporation in 1984, and subsequently in 1989, transitioned into a fully authorized New York State chartered branch. Mashreq-New York Branch holds direct membership in both the Fedwire and CHIPS US Dollar clearing networks. Our establishment, Mashreq-New York, provides an extensive array of Corporate Banking, Supply Chain, and Correspondent Banking solutions, all conveniently accessible through a unified platform. Our highly motivated team is dedicated to surpassing our clients expectations, positioning ourselves as a preferred financial partner. Leveraging financial innovation, operational excellence, and technological advancements, Mashreq-New York has emerged as a significant player in the MENA and North America trade corridors. We are equipped to serve multinational corporations and international banks, catering to the unique needs of our esteemed corporate and financial institution clients who engage in both international and domestic trade across our expansive global network. Whether it be proficiently navigating letters of credit negotiations or devising innovative corporate solutions, our team possesses the necessary expertise to meet and exceed our clients’ objectives, fostering mutually beneficial growth. Our team is adept at meticulously analysing each distinct situation, tailoring transactions accordingly. We adopt a holistic approach, considering the comprehensive spectrum of your requirements, including factors such as seasonal and cyclical needs, macro-economic trends, and multi-lateral agreements, always keeping the "big picture" in focus Faizan Ahmad Siddiqui Mashreq USA Country Head

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