Welcome to the world of Mashreq Solitaire

There is nothing that reflects success better than exclusivity. And to complement your inspiring individuality and unique taste, Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card opens your world to a collection of unmatched benefits.

Let’s get started. Activate your card and generate PIN in 3 simple steps

Step 1:
(a) If you are new to Mashreq Mobile App

Download the Mashreq Mobile App from Play Store / App Store (or visit Mashreq.com/mmb using your mobile phone)

Tap ‘Sign Up’ to create your Mashreq Mobile App Username and Password

(b) If you already have Mashreq Mobile Username and Password

Sign in to Mashreq Mobile App

Step 2:

Tap ‘Activate Now’ to activate your card and set up your card PIN

Step 3:

Add your card to the digital wallet of your choice

Activate your Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card and enjoy the benefits

Earn while you spend

Mashreq Vantage Points - Mashreq’s loyalty programme, rewards you for using your Solitaire Card. For every AED you spend, you can earn up to 6 Mashreq Vantage Points. Here’s how you earn. T&C
Domestic Spends International Spends
4 Points on all airlines, hotels & travel 6 Points on all spends
2 Points on other local spends
1 Point on government payments, fuel, education, utilities, telecom, rental & charity

Instant & seamless redemptions

Mashreq Vantage Points earned can be instantly redeemed on Mashreq Mobile App anywhere, anytime. Redeem Mashreq Vantage Points for Miles with top airlines, gifts cards, cashback to your card, shopping and much more. Know more

As a Solitaire Credit Cardholder,

You are assured of the below complimentary benefits that enhance your lifestyle.

Change the way you pay

You don’t need to carry your Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card everywhere, simply add the card on your digital wallet and pay instantly. Here are the steps to add your card on the digital wallets

Open the wallet app

Add your Mashreq Card: Tap on 'Add Card', Scan or manually enter card details

Verify card with SMS and enter OTP

Open the wallet app

Add your Mashreq Card: Tap the '+' sign on the top right and add your card using the camera or enter details manually

Verify card with SMS and enter OTP

Open the wallet app

Add your Mashreq Card: From the Menu, select payment methods, add payment method. Use the camera to capture card details or manually enter it

Verify card with SMS and enter OTP

Ensuring safety before activation

Please check that your name has been spelled correctly on the card. Sign with a ballpoint pen on the signature panel on the reverse of the card.
Your card is valid for use from the first day to the last day of the month embossed as Valid Thru on the face of the card.
If you already hold a card i.e., this card is a replacement or renewal, please activate your new card and ensure that you destroy your old card.
Terms and Conditions apply. By activating & using this card, the customer agrees to the terms & conditions of Mashreq Credit Cards available at mashreq.com. Note: Features, partners and benefits are subject to change. Mashreq Solitaire and Mashreq terms and conditions apply.