MashreqMATRIX allows access to real-time information and round-the-clock ability to perform transactions

Authorise and instruct payments, and access real-time information round-the-clock:

Cash Management

Retrieve your account balances in real-time

Initiate and authorise all your payments & payroll online

Benefit from customisable reporting capabilities

Upload your files and manage your host-to-host transfers

Trade Finance

Apply for Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees online

Submit invoices for invoice financing or trust receipt loans

Submit export documents for faster processing of export collections

Handle amendments and various trade advices

Benefit from customisable reporting capabilities

Manage file uploads for bulk funding requests

Host-to-Host provides a secure and automated solution for higher transaction volumes through a 2-way data transfer between your accounting and ERP platforms and Mashreq. It can be combined with our online banking platform for transaction authorisation and extensive reporting and payment tracking features.

SWIFT services and connectivity is a bank-independent solution that allows you to connect with us using a standard international messaging format.

Customer Care

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